LG’s 2023 OLED TVs are available starting at $1,299 in late March

Just before they begin shipping, LG released a detailed price list for its 2023 OLED Televisions. Pre-orders for the premium G3 and entry-level C3 (shown) models will open on March 6 and the devices will ship in late March.

Starting at $1,299 for a somewhat small 42-inch screen, the C3 goes up to $5,299 for the enormous 83-inch model. Prices for the G3 range from $2,499 for a 55-inch screen to $6,499 for an 83-inch model.

It won’t be available until April for the entry B3 series. A 55-inch TV costs $1,699, and a 77-inch set costs $3,299 starting price. Pricing for the wireless M3 and transparent OLED T will be announced by LG “at a later date.”

The G3 receives the most updates this year, as we stated in January. With a booster feature, it provides a picture that is up to 70% brighter, and its innovative zero-gap design facilitates wall mounting. Moreover, it features an a9 Gen 6 CPU with enhanced image and audio processing, as well as capability for synchronizing the output of the built-in speakers with current LG soundbars.

The C3 is a slight improvement over the C2 from the previous year, sharing the advantages of the a9 Gen 6 chip. Nonetheless, at the middle “sweet spot” sizes, it might be a better value than the B3. Only $100 separates the $2,499 65-inch C3 from a B3 comparable with a subpar processor (the a7 Gen 6); it is better to spend the extra money for a set that will last longer.

It’s unclear if LG’s lineup competes favorably with the Samsung S95C. The newest LG television is somewhat brighter than Samsung’s, which also has a refresh rate that is good for gaming (144Hz). However, LG has a wider range of sizes and performance tiers and supports Dolby Vision HDR (Samsung is still sticking with HDR10+). Currently, only the 77-inch S95C is offered.

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