Your iPhone’s charging time may be slowed down by this feature: How to stop using it

Even though it has been available for a while, some iPhone users are reporting delayed charging times due to a new function. So don’t worry, you can mute it.

Some users were pleased to see new capabilities like the ability to modify text messages after they had been received and lock screen customizations when Apple revealed a new iOS release last fall.

Nevertheless, some people appear to have missed Apple’s new Clean Energy Charging function, which the firm claims optimizes charging times for when the grid is using greener energy sources to lessen the carbon imprint of your phone.

People have been criticizing the Clean Energy Charging feature for slow charging speeds on Reddit and TikTok in recent weeks.

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“I learnt about it because I could only charge my phone for two hours this morning and couldn’t figure out why my phone had no charge afterward,” Tim Latimer, CEO of Fervo Energy, said on Twitter Sunday in a thread blasting Apple for its lack of transparency regarding the feature.

Apple states that when Clean Energy Charging is enabled, your phone will receive “a forecast of the carbon emissions in your local energy grid and uses it to charge your iPhone during times of cleaner energy production.” By default, it is automatically turned on following the iOS 16.1 update released in October, or if you buy a new iPhone.

This implies that your phone’s charging may be slowed at busy periods or if you live in a location where electricity with higher carbon emissions is more prevalent.

Clean Energy Charging, in Apple’s words, “learns your charging behaviors” in conjunction with another function called Optimized Battery Charging. Only “where you spend the most time and routinely charge your iPhone for long periods of time” will the Clean Energy Charging become active. If you’re traveling or in a new place, for instance, the functionality won’t affect you.

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Apple claims that if Clean Energy Charging does prevent your phone from charging, a notification indicating when your phone will be fully charged would show on your lock screen (you may see a similar notification if you already use Optimized Battery Charging). If you want to charge your phone faster, you can tap “Charge Now” by touching and holding that notice.

Moreover, you can entirely disable the feature.

Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health & Charging on your iPhone. If the toggle next to Clean Energy Charging is green when you get there, tap it to turn it off.

You can tap the toggle to turn on Clean Energy Charging if you’d like to opt in but it isn’t currently enabled. To use Clean Energy Charging, Apple cautions that additional settings, such as location services, system services, and significant locations, may need to be enabled.

Further information is available on Apple’s website or in the iPhone’s Battery Health & Charging section.

There could be additional causes for your iPhone’s sluggish charging. Your phone can be an older model, the charging cable might be broken, or it got too warm when charging.

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