Information about the OnePlus Ace 2V has been made public: 6.74″ AMOLED with 16GB RAM

The OnePlus Ace 2V with the Dimensity 9000 chipset will come out on March 7. We now know more about the phone’s specs.

The president of OnePlus China, Louis Li, talked about the phone’s screen and memory and said that it would be more attractive and easy to use than its competitors.

The Ace 2V will have a 6.74″ 10-bit AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2772 x 1240, a refresh rate of 120 Hz, and a brightness of up to 1,450 nits. More importantly, it won’t have plastic bezel borders. This will make it lighter and make the screen and corners look better.

Official teasers show that devices with similar prices use the Dimensity 8200 processor and LPDDR5 memory. The OnePlus Ace 2V will have 12/256GB and 16/512GB of memory, and it will use the faster LPDDR5X RAM.

Li said that the OnePlus Ace 2V would not look like a high-end device. The OnePlus 11 and OnePlus Ace 2, which will be sold outside of China as the 11R, will have ultra-thin bezels and backs made of ceramic and sandstone.

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